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  • Lane Coucil GIS Improvements

Lane Council of Governments Selects GTG to Review and Improve GIS Services

The City has identified and utilized technology to improve its business processes, infrastructure, services, and decision-making.

  • View of The City of Unalaska, Alaska with mountains in the backgroud

The Deadliest Catch City Implements GIS

The City of Unalaska, Alaska focuses their enterprise GIS solution on infrastructure and asset management, including electric, water, wastewater and stormwater systems, and parcel management.

  • View from up high of a snowy town street. Truckee, CA uses GIS.

Truckee, CA Implements GIS

California Town Implements GIS.

Snowmass, CO: GIS Integration

Vacation Paradise Begins Comprehensive GIS Program.

  • Lauderdale Lakes, Florida. Aerial view of tax parcels for tax assessors using GIS.

Florida City Uses GIS for Utilities

GIS for Small Municipalities.

  • A stretch of beach with palm trees and sand in Boynton Beach, Florida. the city implemented a GIS strategic plan.

Boynton Beach, FL’s GIS Strategic Plan

Raising the Bar: Strategic Plan Update

GIS Strategic Planning

Geographic Technologies Group plans, designs, and implements enterprise, sustainable, and enduring GIS solutions. We build smarter communities by using best business practices and effective technology.

Our exceptionally qualified and award winning team offers towns, cities and counties understandable, enterprise, sustainable and enduring GIS strategic plans. Our roadmaps deliver the very best solutions for local government organizations. We have an advanced and innovative methodology  that has saved many organizations millions of dollars  in GIS implementation. Let us show you how our key components of GIS strategic Implementation planning will benefit your organization.

GIS Strategic Planning Methodology for Local Government

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GIS Express Checkup™

Easy GIS Strategic Plan Methodology
Our Express Checkup™ methodology is an excellent tool for developing a cost effective and comprehensive framework for planning within your organization.  Geographic Technologies Group’s years of experience allows for the best value in evaluating, assessing, and formulating direction for a local government organization.
Following an award-winning methodology and a 3 day on-site visit, GTG’s dedicated Senior Strategic Planners can apply a lifetime of expertise to your organization’s GIS needs.

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GIS Enterprise Architecture Design (EAD)

Our Enterprise Architecture Design (EAD) is a methodology that focuses on your Information Technology (IT).  Our team assesses your Business Architecture (BA), Technology Architecture (TA) and Systems Architecture (SA) to produce an enterprise design for your organization. Ask us about our EAD’s and let us show you how important it is to design the optimum IT solution.

GIS Enterprise Architecture Design for Local Government

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