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GTG is a leading Esri ArcGIS Online Implementation Specialist. Let us help you select the best tools for your users.


Let us help you implement the best tools for your organization.  We are experts with the Esri WebAppBuilder and the Javascript/HTML5 Viewer.

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ArcGIS Online offers a wealth of ways to share data with the public.  The number of specialized tools is increasing every week.  Let our experts help you find and implement the optimal tool to share data with the public.

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Collector App from Esri on ipad

Collector App

Collector App is an easy-to-use map-centric solution to inventory, update, and maintain digital data. It takes advantage of smartphones, iPads, and tablets. The task of collecting data in the field and turning it into meaningful information in the office has never been easier.

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The Dashboard is a unique and interactive command center that dynamically monitors information in a dashboard environment. This is a new solution to monitor the status and performance of specific information used by departments. It easily tracks field workers and keeps an up-to-date record of existing information about departmental assets.

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Screenshot of Dashboard from Esri, with charts and graphs and a map of a park.
two laptops and one desktop showing different public-facing applications from Esri, the Esri Story Maps. Promote Community Engagement.

Story Maps

Story Maps are a great way to tell your story.  The GTG team uses the best GIS experts and creative designers to help you with our “5 Step Process for Implementing Story Maps.” Tell your story the right way.

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Esri Maps and Apps

Maps and Apps Gallery is a configurable group application template that can be used for displaying a collection of maps, applications, documents, and layers. Gallery contents are searchable and can be filtered using item tags. Private gallery content can be accessed by signing in to the app using your ArcGIS credentials.

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people using esri internet
Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) software showing location of vehicle.

Custom Widgets

Our team develops business widgets that automate and streamline analytical functions. We have created a library of performance-based widgets that improve efficiency and increase productivity. Let us show you the benefits of our custom widgets.

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