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An enterprise-wide solution for telecommunications departments.

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Esri’s Enterprise License Agreement and ArcGIS Online

A fiber management solution that utilizes Esri’s Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) and an entire suite of software, including Internet and Intranet Solutions, the Mobile Collector Application, the Interactive Dashboard Application, Esri’s Story Maps, Esri’s Maps and Apps, and custom widgets.

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Fiber Management System

Our Fiber Management System (FMS) allows you to design, manage, and edit your fiber network. Digitally create your assets- such as head-ins, remote hubs, fiber cables, enclosures, and more- while managing their connectivity through GIS technology. Find underground assets, manage your cable splicing and device management for connectivity of fibers, generate splicing matrixes, and more with our technologically advanced system.

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Our analytics software allows you to visualize your fiber network; reach into your multiple business systems, visualizing them through one interface. Geographically locating inventory alarms, work orders, service orders, customer data billing, and visualizing data to analyze trends for marketing purposes are just a few examples of the many uses of our analytic software.

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Dashboard 360

Our ultimate charting and analytical tool, Dashboard 360 is designed for an operational view of all telecommunications data. Our Dashboard 360 is browser and smart device compatible. Bar charts, pie charts, column charts, and more- all laid out on a dashboard that can display any metric, such as customer turnover rate by month, or average revenue by district. From a marketing standpoint, Dashboard 360 enables the viewer to understand data such as customer turnover rate by month, or average revenue by district, even the number of opened and closed work orders per day by each of your technicians.

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Screenshot of charts and graphs from the Vantage Points software