Public Safety

Public Safety

Our public safety software is designed to improve efficiency and maximize your ROI. Enable your staff with easy-to-use tools that guarantee better decision making.

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E-911 Center Modernizes Their Mapping Application

Troup County, GA

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Avoyelles Parish, LA

Avoyelles Parish 911 Center Vantage Points Dispatch & Address for PTS

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The Village of Oak Lawn, Illinois

Major Public Safety GIS Upgrades

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Lenoir County, NC

Discovering the Vantage Points Advantage

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Roswell, GA

The First SafeCityGIS Community

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Crime Analysis

We offer solutions that make your community safer and make you more effective. Our crime analysis solution will allow you to dynamically visualize your crime records database and perform both tabular and spatial analytics. You will be able to proactively identify crime trends, predict where crime will occur, and effectively manage resources.

Fire Analysis

Our software solution introduces an innovative, and practical solution for viewing, querying, and analyzing fire incidents, patterns of fires, and emergency situations. Fire and Emergency Management incidents are mapped by fire district zones, address, landmarks, neighborhoods, streets, and intersections. Our analytics allow you to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of fire emergency management operations.  We have integrated with most Fire Department records management systems.

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Automated Vehicle Location

Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) will provide you with the ability to track the exact location of all public safety vehicles, or any GPS enabled device in real time. Our solution supports standard data formats (TAIP, NMEA), and custom GPS data feeds, supporting historical tracking and playback features. Our software allows your organization to improve efficiency and staff safety while providing a greater level of accountability for your staff and resources.


Our 911 Dispatch software enables dispatchers to quickly and more efficiently view the location of calls for service. This real-time information enhances the ability to make critical decisions in a life or death environment. It provides an interactive mapping interface that shows E911 calls, active incidents, video streaming, building floor plans, and all GIS related data. Let us show you how to leverage all the advanced tools that GIS has to offer.

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Our cloud-based MapNimbus solution is a public mapping application that allows citizens access to crime data. MapNimbus offers your community a way to map, analyze, and chart the incidents of crime in their area. It allows your citizens to interact with their local government through automated notification and crowd-sourcing functionality, including sharing on social media and user-defined exclusion zones.


Our Mobile GIS software has been designed to enable police, fire, and EMS professionals real-time access and mapping of active calls for service. This award winning mobile touch-screen application opens up a world of portable GIS technology for public safety professionals.

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The perfect tool for decision makers who want to be aware of what is going on within their community and view their personnel resources in a live environment. SMART GIS is a light-weight, mobile application that is both Android and IOS compatible. SMART allows users to see active public safety incidents (Police, Fires, or EMS) as well as the location of mobile units in the field. Users can get information about each of the active calls as well as see their locations on the map.

Dashboard 360

The ultimate charting and analytical tool, Dashboard 360 is designed for an operational view of all public safety data. This tool allows for interactive charts, graphs, and tabular data customizable for each user.

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