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Our team offers an organization a simple and effective way to turn data into meaningful information through analytics and integrated mapping solutions.

Vantage Points™ Web

Get to your information with a few mouse clicks. A simple, easy-to-use, and enjoyable public-facing software application. The Internet Browser is a GIS viewing tool that allows users to search the entire GIS database and retrieve GIS related information, including parcels, ownership, vacant properties, zoning and land use, garbage pickup times, voting and election districts, and much more.

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Vantage Points™ Viewer

The Intranet Browser is an internal departmental solution that is tailored to the specific needs of a local government organization. It includes advanced search capabilities, dynamic map tips, and enhanced reporting and charting. The Intranet Browser is engineered specifically to meet the data and analytical needs of each department within local government and to mine data from your existing IT systems.

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311GIS Crowdsourcing

311GIS is a public mapping application that promotes interaction between local government agencies and their citizens. It provides a community a way to easily and quickly submit problems, requests, and concerns related to local government operations, including incidents about graffiti, missing road signs, potholes, sidewalk problems, animal control issues, and any other category of interest. Our product can be used enterprise-wide and as a way to track work requests.

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Our cloud-based MapNimbus solution is a public mapping application that allows citizens access to important, relevant data. From restaurant sanitation grades to building permits, MapNimbus offers citizens a way to map, analyze, and chart trends in their area, as well as ways to interact with their local government through automated notification and crowd-sourcing functionality, including sharing on social media and user-defined exclusion zones.

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GPS device on top of paper map
snow plow driving down a snowy street

Automatic Vehicle Location

From snow plows to utility trucks, Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) will provide you with the ability to track the exact location of your government-owned vehicles or any GPS enabled device in real time. Our solution supports TAIP , NMEA , and custom GPS data feeds, supporting historical tracking and playback features. Our software allows your organization to improve efficiency and staff safety while providing a greater level of accountability for your staff and resources.

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Our feature tool that works in the background of your software, whose primary function is to read address data from a database table and geo-reference that data against GIS. This process will assign coordinates to each record and can be later used to export a point feature from this data. Code enforcement, utility billing, and master addresses are just a few examples of what can be geo-referenced with GeoMax.

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Close up on a pen and charts from a report


The Dashboard is a unique and interactive command center that dynamically monitors information in a dashboard environment. This is a new solution to monitor the status and performance of specific information used by departments. It easily tracks field workers and keeps an up-to-date record of existing information about departmental assets.

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