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Planning and Zoning

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What’s In An ID? Global IDs vs. Object IDs

A major role of a GIS professional is data management. This can include external data sources such as Excel spreadsheets, survey data, and even pictures with a geotag.

New Hire Announcement

Local Government GIS Consulting Firm Expands Public Safety Initiative with new Director.

Exiciting New Developments in Bathymetry Technology

Within the past two years there has been a revolutionary new sonar introduced to the industry which is taking bathymetry to a whole new level.

How to Export a Feature Server

The intention of this article is to demonstrate how to create a copy of feature attribution from an ArcGIS REST Service as different file types.

Elevating an Enterprise GIS

When Snowmass selected Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) in late 2015 to complete a GIS Strategic Plan, the state of GIS within the town was not unlike many local governments throughout the country.

Planning and Zoning departments use GIS to assist with management.

Planning and zoning departments are heavily involved in GIS for property data. GIS is used for parcel data extensively, including land uses, zoning information, and all other information based from tax parcels. GIS assists the department with managing regulations and zonings that affect the properties. Migrate and maintain data into an integrated system with custom tools for efficient management with the Parcel Fabric, a new Esri technology. For more information on the Parcel Fabric, click here.