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Parks and Recreation

Richmond, BC: Parks Department Revived

The City identified problems with a limited asset inventory, a lack of understanding of park assessment management, and more.

  • A pier with boats docked in Caroline County, Maryland, and a picture of a park fence.

Maryland: GIS for Parks & Recreation

Caroline County, MD enjoys an improved, well-managed park system thanks to a GIS Parks and Recreation management solution. 

  • A green golf course in the City of Edina, Minnesota utilizes GIS

Edina, MN: GIS for Parks and Rec

See the steps the City of Edina and GTG took to implement GreenCityGIS.

Canadian City Uses GIS for Parks and Rec

One of Canada's "best places to live" improves their park system.

  • Aerial view of the City of New Bern, North Carolina, showing off the waterfront buildings and piers. The City uses GIS for parks and rec.

New Bern, NC: GIS for Parks and Rec

Making GreenCityGIS fit within budget plans.

  • Bison roaming the open space of Campbell County, Wyoming. The County uses GIS for Parks and Recreation.

Campbell County, WY: GIS for Parks and Rec

Campbell County: A Rural Wyoming County Implements GreenCityGIS

Map Viewer from Esri for parks and recreation.

GIS for parks and recreation is a continuously improving technology. With GIS, parks and recreation departments can create digital maps for internal or external use. For internal use, GIS is used to improve park management operations by utilizing a work orders system, inventory management, and dashboard views for checking status and assessing performance. For external use, park maps can me made to simply share information about the parks with the community in an interactive, intuitive mapping application.

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