Local Government Telecommunications

Local Government Telecommunications

Fiber Cables for Analytics and FMS

Improving Service with Analytics

Jackson Energy Authority (JEA) has built one of the nation’s most advanced fiber optic broadband networks.

Wilson's Greenlight FMS

Community Broadband Utilizes FMS

Greenlight’s challenge was multi-faceted: plan, operate and grow its network and revenue stream in the most efficient, customer-centric manner possible.

College campus with GIS Fiber Management System

Local government telecommunications organizations use GIS in everyday activities. From mapping maintenance calls to analytics regarding users, GIS is an integral part of a functioning local government telecommunications operation. Any size organization- from small municipalities to large county organizations- will find use for Vision360. The latest software for local government telecommunications, Vision360 FMS is a scaled, cost-effective solution that allows you to manage and maintain your fiber network.

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