View of The City of Unalaska, Alaska with mountains in the backgroud

The Deadliest Catch City Implements GIS

The City of Unalaska, Alaska focuses their enterprise GIS solution on infrastructure and asset management, including electric, water, wastewater and stormwater systems, and parcel management.

View from up high of a snowy town street. Truckee, CA uses GIS.

Truckee, CA Implements GIS

California Town Implements GIS.

A snowy Town of Snowmass at night with lights glowing in the dusk. The town uses GIS.

Snowmass, CO: GIS Integration

Vacation Paradise Begins Comprehensive GIS Program.

Lauderdale Lakes, Florida. Aerial view of tax parcels for tax assessors using GIS.

Florida City Uses GIS for Utilities

GIS for Small Municipalities.

bookshelves in libraries.

GIS in public libraries has been used primarily to assess facilities usage and the impact of services in the community. Offering GIS services to patrons is still not as widespread in public libraries as it is in academic and map libraries. A 2014 survey of 115 member libraries, conducted by the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), found that 100 percent of the 54 institutions responding to the survey provided GIS and mapping services to its users.

The all too familiar budget constraints leave public library administrators with little room for error, and under these charged circumstances GIS provides strong data to corroborate on-the-ground observations. As a result, GIS is now an integral decision support tool that library managers resort to when planning strategically for the future. Using GIS data, library personnel can fully understand the characteristics of the populations they serve and in turn develop facilities, collections, programs, and delivery points that align closely with the needs of the constituents.

GIS for libraries can be used to track users and their activity within the library. This data can then be used as an analysis to determine if there are library activities that are more popular than others, or the opportunity for more activities and public appeal.