Intranet Viewer

Intranet Viewer

A snowy Town of Snowmass at night with lights glowing in the dusk. The town uses GIS.

Elevating an Enterprise GIS

Introduction Nestled in the Rocky Mountains at approximately 8,200 feet above sea level, the Town of Snowmass Village is comprised of a medium density, mixed used, and transit-oriented core surrounded by suburban residential neighborhoods and open space. Over 35 miles of maintained hiking and biking trails and 150 miles of ski trails contribute to the […]

A pier with boats docked in Caroline County, Maryland, and a picture of a park fence.

Maryland: GIS for Parks & Recreation

Caroline County, MD enjoys an improved, well-managed park system thanks to a GIS Parks and Recreation management solution. 

View of The City of Unalaska, Alaska with mountains in the backgroud

The Deadliest Catch City Implements GIS

The City of Unalaska, Alaska focuses their enterprise GIS solution on infrastructure and asset management, including electric, water, wastewater and stormwater systems, and parcel management.

Troup County, Georgia picture of the Government Center.

E-911 Center Modernizes Their Mapping Application

Troup County, GA uses GIS for Public Safety.

employees using the intranet viewer on their tablet

Intranet uses a custom version of Esri’s new smart intuitive geographic system for viewing, querying, and analyzing data. The intranet viewer provides a smart, intuitive framework for viewing and interacting with the data collected with the Collector Application. This configurable tool offers new and innovative decision support. The Esri HTML5/Java Viewer can be utilized with custom tools.

Intranet is, by GIS definition, a computer network using the same software and serving the same functions as those found on the Internet that is restricted to users within an organization. Intranet is used internally by staff in an organization. Permission levels and different application accessibility can also be customized for internal purposes to give certain staff more permissions than others.

The purpose of intranet is to assist communication between departments. If the Fire Department’s intranet permissions are shared with Administration, for example, Administration can view different locations that have seen several fire incidents, and reach out to residents near that area regarding any potential property damage or legal needs.

Intranet is not accessible by the public, and thus, can include much more detailed information that the organization wants to keep internally. However, if there is information that should be shared with the public, the internet viewer can be used. Click here to read more about the internet viewer.