Fire Analysis

Fire Analysis

Troup County, Georgia picture of the Government Center.

E-911 Center Modernizes Their Mapping Application

Troup County, GA uses GIS for Public Safety.

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Two-story government building with columns.

Avoyelles Parish, LA: GIS and 911

Avoyelles Parish 911 Center Vantage Points Dispatch & Address for PTS

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Oak Lawn, IL train station at night. The village uses GIS for public safety.

Oak Lawn, Illinois: GIS and 911

Major Public Safety GIS Upgrades

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Lenoir County, NC Emergency Operations Center (EOC) building. The center uses GIS for public safety.

GIS for E-911 Call Centers

Lenoir County, NC discovers the Vantage Points advantage.

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Fire truck racing through the streets on a call. Fire analysis helps predict future call patterns.

Fire departments need GIS for fire department analytics. Leveraging data such as location, time, and type, GIS can be used to perform a variety of fire analysis tasks. View where and when a fire occurred to see if there is a repeat incident. Compare trends from month to month to predict future activity. In a modern world, public safety departments need to be quick and accurate with data. GTG’s analysis software is an Esri-based technology that integrates data from any Records Management System (RMS). View data with GIS analytical tools that spatially enable your RMS. Search based on criteria such as geography, incident type, date and time ranges, responding personnel, suspects, and more.

The fire analysis tool also features predictive analysis, social media integration, incident playback, heatmaps and reporting, license plate reader integration, and common operational picture.

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