Fiber Management System

Fiber Management System (FMS)

Fiber Cables for Analytics and FMS

Improving Service with Analytics

Jackson Energy Authority (JEA) has built one of the nation’s most advanced fiber optic broadband networks.

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Wilson's Greenlight FMS

Community Broadband Utilizes FMS

Greenlight’s challenge was multi-faceted: plan, operate and grow its network and revenue stream in the most efficient, customer-centric manner possible.

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fiber cables managed by FMS (Fiber Management System)

A FMS (Fiber Management System) manages the fiber connections from outside of fiber rack to the fiber routers. Fiber cable duct containing many fibers come from far end sites and terminate on FMS using splicing technology. FMS has fiber in and fiber out ports. From fiber out ports, the fiber patch will go to the fiber optics based router. All of the data flowing between the cables must be managed somehow, and that is where GIS and FMS come together.

FMS is a process by which a fiber network is managed. It tracks functions or attributes of the system such as schematic design, physical locations of assets, splice points (mechanical/fusion), and more.

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