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Emergency Operations Center

  • Rockwall Texas ArcGIS Server Upgrade

ArcGIS Server Upgrade Adds Improved Performance and Functionality to Rockwall, TX Enterprise GIS

The City has identified and utilized technology to improve its business processes, infrastructure, services, and decision-making.

  • CalFire teams with GTG to improve map data

CAL FIRE Selects GTG to Assist with Major Review and Updates to Deliver Better Public Safety

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) has selected GTG to perform a major review and upgrades to the quality of their GIS street centerline data.

  • Troup County, Georgia picture of the Government Center.

E-911 Center Modernizes Their Mapping Application

Troup County, GA uses GIS for Public Safety.

  • Two-story government building with columns.

Avoyelles Parish, LA: GIS and 911

Avoyelles Parish 911 Center Vantage Points Dispatch & Address for PTS

  • Oak Lawn, IL train station at night. The village uses GIS for public safety.

Oak Lawn, Illinois: GIS and 911

Major Public Safety GIS Upgrades

  • Lenoir County, NC Emergency Operations Center (EOC) building. The center uses GIS for public safety.

GIS for E-911 Call Centers

Lenoir County, NC discovers the Vantage Points advantage.

Lenior County NC Emergency Operations Center (EOC) computer stations.

For times of crisis, an Emergency Operations Center needs to ensure their mapping and GPS data are accurate and reliable. Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) proposes implementing an innovative enterprise and sustainable GIS management and analysis system – SafeCity GIS, for Emergency Operations Centers. GTG’s newest application is changing and shaping the way that Emergency Operation Centers function, operate, and think about data. SafeCity GIS utilizes Esri’s foundation of new software products and provides a knowledge-based solution that delivers state of the art geographic software, analysis, and visualization for situational awareness in real time. It is an invaluable turn-key solution that offers a host of benefits to EOCs, decision makers, field collection personnel, citizens and more.

A primary objective of this project is to deploy a comprehensive GIS infrastructure to be used before, during and after any disaster event. The GIS will provide the basis and foundation for decision making and strategic planning regarding the development and management of the daily operations of an EOC.

For more information on applications for Emergency Operations Centers, click here.