Data Creation, Collection, and Conversion

Data Creation, Collection, and Conversion

A snowy Town of Snowmass at night with lights glowing in the dusk. The town uses GIS.

Elevating an Enterprise GIS

Introduction Nestled in the Rocky Mountains at approximately 8,200 feet above sea level, the Town of Snowmass Village is comprised of a medium density, mixed used, and transit-oriented core surrounded by suburban residential neighborhoods and open space. Over 35 miles of maintained hiking and biking trails and 150 miles of ski trails contribute to the […]

A pier with boats docked in Caroline County, Maryland, and a picture of a park fence.

Maryland: GIS for Parks & Recreation

Caroline County, MD enjoys an improved, well-managed park system thanks to a GIS Parks and Recreation management solution. 

A green golf course in the City of Edina, Minnesota utilizes GIS

Edina, MN: GIS for Parks and Rec

See the steps the City of Edina and GTG took to implement GreenCityGIS.

A close-up of a fountain in front of a shopping center park in the City of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. The city uses GIS for parks.

Canadian City Uses GIS for Parks and Rec

One of Canada’s “best places to live” improves their park system.

3D image of paper files going into a computer

An efficient GIS comes from accurate data creation, collection, and conversion. Most government agencies have data needs; with innacurate data, applications won't function properly. The end products are only as good as the data that is entered. Some common issues are address duplication, inconsistent formatting, and incomplete data. The GTG team has assisted hundreds of clients in the reworking of their data and development of thousands of GIS data layers.

Data creation, collection, and conversion can be completed in order, or singularly, depending on the organization's needs. With data creation, GTG staff create a workflow procedure for data collection, that the organization can then follow. GTG also collects data for data collection, going out in the field or using existing PDFs to collect points and features. Finally, data conversion from programs such as CAD to shapefiles or GIS datasets is extremely common, and a task that clients frequently request.

Each of our Strategic Plans has a phase dedicated to data analysis. Our GIS team reviews all the critical data layers, analyzes the data for accuracy and completeness, and makes recommendations on how best to augment the data. Additionally, GTG has won a number of data conversion GIS projects. GTG can provide advice on and perform work as necessary regarding residential address dataset enhancements for participation in the Census Bureau Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA) program.