Community Development

Community Development

View of The City of Unalaska, Alaska with mountains in the backgroud

The Deadliest Catch City Implements GIS

The City of Unalaska, Alaska focuses their enterprise GIS solution on infrastructure and asset management, including electric, water, wastewater and stormwater systems, and parcel management.

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View from up high of a snowy town street. Truckee, CA uses GIS.

Truckee, CA Implements GIS

California Town Implements GIS.

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A snowy Town of Snowmass at night with lights glowing in the dusk. The town uses GIS.

Snowmass, CO: GIS Integration

Vacation Paradise Begins Comprehensive GIS Program.

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Lauderdale Lakes, Florida. Aerial view of tax parcels for tax assessors using GIS.

Florida City Uses GIS for Utilities

GIS for Small Municipalities.

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People at a Community Development event.

Community development is a way of strengthening civil society by prioritizing the actions of communities, and their perspectives in the development of social, economic and environmental policy. It seeks the empowerment of local communities, taken to mean both geographical communities, communities of interest or identity and communities organizing around specific themes or policy initiatives. It strengthens the capacity of people as active citizens through their community groups, organizations and networks; and the capacity of institutions and agencies (public, private and non-governmental) to work in dialogue with citizens to shape and determine change in their communities. Technology often aides community development by providing the tools necessary to promote planning, advocacy, organizing, and fundraising.

Maps can be used to display Cultural and Historical assets through several public-facing Google Maps. Assets are mapped and displayed on the organization’s website through a Google-based map. Assets included in the map can include:

  • Culinary Arts and Food
  • Artist Locations
  • Natural Heritage
  • Cultural Facilities
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Cultural Industries
  • Cultural Organizations

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