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Code Enforcement

  • Rockwall Texas ArcGIS Server Upgrade

ArcGIS Server Upgrade Adds Improved Performance and Functionality to Rockwall, TX Enterprise GIS

The City has identified and utilized technology to improve its business processes, infrastructure, services, and decision-making.

  • CalFire teams with GTG to improve map data

CAL FIRE Selects GTG to Assist with Major Review and Updates to Deliver Better Public Safety

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) has selected GTG to perform a major review and upgrades to the quality of their GIS street centerline data.

What’s In An ID? Global IDs vs. Object IDs

A major role of a GIS professional is data management. This can include external data sources such as Excel spreadsheets, survey data, and even pictures with a geotag.

New Hire Announcement

Local Government GIS Consulting Firm Expands Public Safety Initiative with new Director.

Exiciting New Developments in Bathymetry Technology

Within the past two years there has been a revolutionary new sonar introduced to the industry which is taking bathymetry to a whole new level.

How to Export a Feature Server

The intention of this article is to demonstrate how to create a copy of feature attribution from an ArcGIS REST Service as different file types.

Classic old blue car covered in leaves, soon to be reported by Code Enforcement.

Code Enforcement Departments are in charge of administering regulations as they pertain to nuisances, junked vehicles, unsightly lots, overgrown grass and weeds, sign violations and general yard waste, and more. Effective code enforcement preserves community aesthetics and enhances property values. There are many GIS tools that enable building officials to respond proactively and prevent neighborhood deterioration. From updating databases in the field to quickly generating maps and reports for presentations to community groups and elected officials, Geographic Information Systems assist building officials with maintaining and improving the quality of communities through efficient and reputable code enforcement.