Automated Vehicle Location

Automated Vehicle Location

Troup County, Georgia picture of the Government Center.

E-911 Center Modernizes Their Mapping Application

Troup County, GA uses GIS for Public Safety.

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Two-story government building with columns.

Avoyelles Parish, LA: GIS and 911

Avoyelles Parish 911 Center Vantage Points Dispatch & Address for PTS

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Oak Lawn, IL train station at night. The village uses GIS for public safety.

Oak Lawn, Illinois: GIS and 911

Major Public Safety GIS Upgrades

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Lenoir County, NC Emergency Operations Center (EOC) building. The center uses GIS for public safety.

GIS for E-911 Call Centers

Lenoir County, NC discovers the Vantage Points advantage.

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Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) software showing location of vehicle.

Combining GIS with GPS technology, Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) is a necessity for many departments and organizations. Automatic vehicle locating is a powerful tool for managing fleets of vehicles such as service vehicles, emergency vehicles, and public transport vehicles such as buses and trains. It is also used to track mobile assets, such as non wheeled construction equipment, non motorized trailers, and mobile power generators.

Another purpose of tracking is to provide graded service or to manage a large driver and crewing staff effectively. For example, suppose an ambulance fleet has an objective of arriving at the location of a call for service within six minutes of receiving the request. Using an AVL system allows to evaluate the locations of all vehicles in service with drivers and other crew in order to pick the vehicle that will most likely arrive at the destination fastest, meeting the service objective.

AVL allows the user to Geo-locate any device at all times with real-time tracking of GPS-enabled devices and watch historical playback of units, grouping of unit types, works with any standard GPS.

The fire analysis tool also features predictive analysis, social media integration, incident playback, heatmaps and reporting, license plate reader integration, and common operational picture.