ArcGIS Server Upgrade Adds Improved Performance and Functionality to Rockwall, TX Enterprise GIS

ArcGIS Server Upgrade Adds Improved Performance and Functionality to Rockwall, TX Enterprise GIS

by Amanda Clark | February 7th, 2018 | GIS Services,SafeCityGIS

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ArcGIS Server Upgrade Adds Improved Performance to Texas City's GIS

Rockwall, TX

Since 2006, the City of Rockwall has been using GIS technology and the Planning and Zoning Department understood early that GIS was critical to performing their duties and that other departments could also benefit from GIS. The City has identified and utilized technology to improve its business processes, infrastructure, services, and decision-making. City staff recognized the value and importance of an enterprise GIS and moved to implement GIS in an efficient, effective, and viable way.

With a population of 41,370 and 31.6 square miles in 2016, the City of Rockwall is one of the fastest growing cities in the Dallas Metroplex, while Rockwall County is one of the top five fastest-growing counties in the United States.

GTG conducted on-site interviews in November of 2016 and met with key personnel and performed a needs assessment and used that feedback to outline workflows to guide the project. Departments and their staff in the Engineering and Public Works were interviewed to determine current and anticipated uses of GIS. GTG used the findings to create a strategic road map for the City’s GIS upgrade.

This server upgrade enables the city to increase the functionality and resolve issues with previous versions of ArcGIS Desktop and Server. The city also added new servers that will significantly incase performance.

A team of GTG support and technical staff worked onsite to address technical challenges. After the upgrades were installed and configured, GTG consultants spent time training GIS staff, suggesting best practices, and reviewing documentation for future reference.


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