Richmond, BC: Parks Department Revived

Richmond, BC: Parks Department Revived

by kimg | February 1st, 2018 | Esri,GreenCityGIS

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City Information

Richmond is a coastal city in the province of British Columbia, Canada. The fourth largest city in British Columbia, with a population of 198,309 in 2016, it also has the largest immigrant population in Canada. Sixty percent of the population identifies as Chinese. And Richmond is home to two of the largest Buddhist Temples in North America, the International Buddhist Temple and the Ling Yen Mountain Temple. The City of Richmond occupies a series of islands in the Strait of Georgia, the largest of which are Lulu Island and Sea Island. The Vancouver International Airport is also located in Richmond.

Solving the Issue

The City identified problems with a limited asset inventory, a lack of understanding of park assessment management, and more. To be proactive, the City solicited an RFP for the creation of a geodatabase and systematic data collection of park assets and infrastructure. The City was pleased with the response from Geographic Technologies Group (GTG), and awarded the contract to them. GTG has undertaken the project to implement their asset management solution, GreenCityGIS, for all 122 city parks. Since October 2017, the GTG staff are using Esri’s Collector App to conduct inventory and map all city park assets. As GTG has delivered results, the city is excited to “expanded the scope to include all trees in city public spaces”, according to Greg Tooth, Supervisor of Mapping and Drafting for the city of Richmond Parks Department. Additionally, park staff are learning how to use the software and how to collect data, accelerating the project timeline.

ipad and iphone showing a data collector app from Esri

The Collector App from Esri is used to collect park assets.

When data collection and database creation is complete, the result will be an intuitive geospatial solution for viewing, querying, and analyzing Parks Department data. Additionally, a map-based mobile app will help users inventory, update, and maintain the park system infrastructure. An interactive operations dashboard will dynamically monitor park assets, community awareness and engagement, and integration tools with the Infor Public Sector Asset Management System. The city will implement a comprehensive GIS solution that introduces an innovative method for managing park system assets.

Greg Tooth, City of Richmond Parks Mapping and Drafting Supervisor expresses his excitement for the project: “The needs of our Parks Department align very closely with GTG’s experience and expertise. We are very happy working with GTG and are looking forward to using the tools they will provide.”

For more information about GreenCityGIS, go to, or contact:
Greg Tooth
City of Richmond, British Columbia, CA
Ph: 604.247.4452
Curtis Hinton
Geographic Technologies Group
(888) 757-4222